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Emotional support helpline & information signposting


Mindline Trans+ is an emotional and mental health support helpline for anyone identifying as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid…

We are also here to support family members, friends, colleagues and carers.

  • 0300 330 5468
  • Mondays & Fridays 8pm-midnight

Here to listen and offer support

Mindline Trans+ provides a safe place to talk about your feelings confidentially. We don’t record calls and we don’t ask for any personal details. You don’t have to tell us your name.

Our listeners will try and understand the multitude of feelings and concerns that may be going on for you.

Our volunteers are trained in telephone counselling skills and have lived experience of being trans or non-binary. Occasionally calls may be taken by trans allies.

Call costs

Calls to Mindline Trans+ are inclusive to any contracted minutes you may have with your phone provider, so there is no cost as long as you have minutes remaining.

Outside of any inclusive minutes packages, calls from landlines are charges at approximately 3.5p per minute. Costs from mobiles vary dependent on mobile operator, we suggest you confirm this with your operator.

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Recruiting New Volunteers

We are now recruiting new trans, non-binary and genderfluid volunteers to support our service on Monday evenings, 8pm-midnight